Business & Language Liaison Services

Business and language liaison services allow me to bridge any cultural and language gaps for you. Effective intercultural communication is key to translation and interpreting across business sectors.

My language expertise, understanding of the Polish and American cultural context, and business and administrative acumen in both countries set my business apart from other translation and interpreting services. I adeptly facilitate cross-cultural communication and exchange of services through my extensive contacts in Poland and the U.S.

Whether I assist you directly or coordinate work with a Polish or U.S. attorney or agent, you can receive: 

  • Guidance through the green card or citizenship process
  • Assistance with a search of Polish archives or vital records 
  • Legal help in an inheritance or divorce registration cases or other administrative/legal proceedings
  • Introductions and support building relationships with local businesses 
  • Help finding accommodation in Poland
  • Application reviews
  • Letter writing or phone call assistance reaching out to a family member or business associate in Poland