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    accredited by the Ministry of Justice in Poland
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    Verify my credentials
    from Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań, Poland
    as a professional language service provider in Poland and in the US
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Early Career in Poland

When I graduated from Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań with a master’s degree in English, I had more than two years of experience working as a translator and translation project coordinator at a large agency. I was working toward a career as an independent translator and interpreter just as Poland was turning the corner on its first decade of transformation. The country was experiencing political, social, cultural, and economic changes on an unprecedented scale. Meanwhile, I was mentored by esteemed business consultants and lawyers. Soon I was providing language assistance for due diligence processes, privatization negotiations, international conferences, and corporate board meetings attended by incoming foreign capital investors. Once accredited by the Polish Ministry of Justice as a sworn translator of English, I quickly expanded my client base to courts and notary public offices. Those first formative years taught me the importance of research, understanding client’s needs, and exceeding expectations. I thus built a successful translation and interpreting business, working with local government institutions, law firms, corporations, and individuals.

Transition to the United States

In 2006, I moved from Poland to the U.S. and achieved accreditation as a professional translator in my new country of residence. Dual certifications from the Ministry of Justice in Poland and the American Translators Association in the U.S. allowed me to serve clients dealing with governmental agencies, courts, and educational institutions in both countries. This coupled with decades of direct exposure to both Polish and American business culture expanded my administrative expertise and ability to cultivate sector-specific business relationships. While working with clients of Polish Consulates General in the U.S., I learned the intricacies of official administrative procedures and became attuned to the needs of individuals navigating Polish citizenship confirmation by descent or registering vital records in Poland.

More than 25 Years Translating in Poland and United States

As a linguist, a bibliophile, and logophile with a zest for learning, I am constantly enthralled by the intricacies of subject specific terminology and the subtleties of cultural context or target audience register. I am inspired by my clients’ personal and business pursuits, and the diversity of my work challenges me to learn something new every day.

With more than 25 years of experience in Poland and the U.S., I have served as a translator and interpreter within myriad industries and sectors. I have translated complex, nuanced projects such as website localization for international corporations/organizations, stage plays (from Polish and into Polish), and books. My discipline and attention to detail lends itself equally well to the more straightforward text of manuals, financial statements, and contracts. I have served as an interpreter for Polish and U.S. courts, academic lectures, and interviews with writers and film directors. This comprehensive skill set has proven to provide efficient and effective language assistance to official delegations and private entrepreneurs.

Personal Interests

I am an avid reader and movie goer, as well as a self-professed sourdough bread nerd. I relax by baking, and work to the soundtrack of piano and trumpet-driven jazz. Above all, I am a lover of words. I am humbled by the rich nuance of English and the lexical complexity of Polish. It’s in the linguistic facet of my work that I find the most satisfaction, and I tirelessly pursue the perfection of expression, to your benefit and mine.